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MF Best of…1995-2003

For the 10th anniversary of the project, I turned to my four sisters (the core of whom had received and listened to every Fruitcake) for input on what tracks should go on the Best Of… disc. It was a companion to the Standard 2004 Musical Fruitcake.

I created a webpage that had all tracks from each Fruitcake and gave a 30 second sample of each song, then asked them to go and listen to the data base and weigh in. I then created a spreadsheet that tabulated all of the selected songs and from those I took the most frequently picked tracks and then threw out all of that data and picked the songs I liked best. It’s my project after all!!

Just kidding, this is an honest “best of” and a great look back at the first 10 years. Enjoy!

Cover Art

Inside Art

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