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04 – Deep Dish – Dancing in Outer Space [MAW Accapella]/Wave 2081 [Vocal Mix]
Categories: MF2007

Okay…this is a bit revealing, but no names will be used to protect the “innocent” partiers.  See, back in the day, I found myself at a San Diego house party full of people on ecstasy.  How do I know?  They were all very bright eyed, let’s say…and the owner of the house told me so.  The thing is, the guy who had decided to take over the music was just drinking and he had decided that everyone should be digging into some Bon (yes, I am going to say it) Jovi.  So, I decided to try some Deep Dish on them.  This is the beginning of the first CD from the album and when I put it on, it was like watching a room full of flowers bloom. Someone dimmed the lights, everyone got up out of their seats and Deep Dish played for the next four hours.  Should I have called the cops?  They were already there…and they were on ecstasy.  Hang in there for 1:50 and 2:20.

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