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08 – Built To Spill – Carry The Zero

Another one that has always been in the running to be on a Fruitcake, but never made it until now.  This is what I consider to be the perfect rock song.  Incredibly chord structure, great solo guitar layering and arrangement….but the best thing about this song is the story he tells: 

Their relationship has ended and she has left, but she is trying to hold onto some of the elements of her emotions for him and it is damaging them even more as individuals.  He is noticing that she is using some of the pain from the relationship as a crutch and he can see through her and while he is interested in helping her to get to where she needs to be, he also realizes that her inability to be honest with herself is destroying their ability to have any contact with each other at all. 

Tragedy…it gets me every time.

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