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Skrillex – My Name Is Skrillex
Categories: MF Blog 2011

This is a follow up post to yesterday’s Wolfgang Gartner.  Feel free to compare and contrast.  While Wolfgang is keeping things danceable, Skrillex is making art of the Rude Boy spin I mentioned in that post.  At first, you might say “I can dance to this, Joe.”  Well, first of all don’t call me Joe…my wife doesn’t even call me that.  Second, get up and show me.  I guarantee that you will find yourself glancing to the people around the dance floor with an uncomfortable smile as you miss beats and get caught wondering if you could be any whiter.

Instead, just let the magic of this young, nerdy genius of a music producer/sound fucker fill your ears for a minute or two.  He is playing with obvious Rude Boy and Industrial influences, but listen closely for the pop diva notes, disco throwback elements and 80’s top 10.  After all, he has worked with some of your favorite artists such as Lady Gaga, Snoop Dog, Korn, Rob Zombie, The Black Eyed Peas and Benny Benassi.

Random, right?  Now, let this track show you how he makes it all work at once.

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