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The Wedding Present – Sports Car
Categories: MF Blog 2011

Since my days in Art Center when Alexander von David turned me on to The Wedding Present, I have been an avid listener (pre Cinerama, I mean).  David Gedge’s constantly fluctuating relationship (according to his songs) played soundtrack for my troubled experience with the other sex.  Seriously, he has three themes to his songs: Goddam, you’re hot; Goddam, you broke my heart; and Gaddam, you gotta go.

This songrides the line between the later two of the three.  He is on the phone with a girl he is digging on, but she is clearly in a relationship with another guy.  He heard his sports car pull up.  So, he tells her “If you get in his car, go somewhere very far.”  All with screeching Wedding Present guitar work.  If you like this, get their album “Mini”.  It is filled with car themed songs and has some really powerful rock on it.

I am posting two versions of the song here for your pleasure.  The second one is an accoustic version with a female singing.

The Wedding Present – Sports Car (edit)

The Wedding Present – Sports Car (accoustic)

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