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Three bands take on one bass riff in the 80’s
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I woke up early all fired up about this post, but lost my gumption as I listened to the tracks.  At one point or another I really enjoyed each of these songs, but now one does nothing for me and the other two only hold the memory of what I liked about them.  That was enough for me to back out of the post, but then as I drove to Victorville at 5AM, I remembered that the Musical Fruitcake is not just about good music…it is about anything my freaky mind comes up with relating to music.  In fact, the Fruitcake as a blog has not had enough Fruitcake and so, I am diving into the post.

This is actually a very old topic for me; some of my older friends have already heard me play these songs together to make my point.  They all share the same basic bass riff and chord structure and they were all recorded in the 80’s (for the record, The Cult did their way before The Cure and Concrete Blonde).  I think there is even a fourth song out there that uses the same riff, but it is escaping me for now…if I ever remember it I will let you know.

Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting

Click the image below to get more Concrete Blonde through!

The Cult – Phoenix

Click the image below to get more of The Cult through!

The Cure – Babble

Click the image below to get more of The Cure through!

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