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The Vincent(s) – Asked Her to The Dance
Categories: MF Blog 2014

This blog…this effort I make online is unmistakably my own.  I post music here that I find on my own or by the suggestion of people who know me very well; music that moves something inside of me.  To that end, it is very rare that I am approached by someone who doesn’t know me with a musical tip that hits home.

This band is that exception.  I was pointed to them by someone on Twitter and spent a few days listening to their music on soundcloud.  The result was this song being pleasantly stuck in my mind this entire past weekend.  I found myself humming the deep, brooding lyrical melody in the shower and slowly walking to the pulse of the thrumming bass guitar more often than not.

What I found in the tracks was a new exploration of bands mostly long gone that I have enjoyed over time.  Bands like Codeine, Morphine, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Jesus and Mary Chain. They are not pulling anything from those bands exactly, more like they are digging in the same earth that those bands have and churning up spirits that love to express themselves in deep tones and shady notes.

Asked Her To The Dance

This track is only available on iTunes, but other tracks are available for download at (click the image below)

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