Musical Fruitcake
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7/31/2011 – Just switched to a new web host and the response times are soooooo much better.  Doesn’t take a week to get a page up anymore.  AND it is cheaper!  If you are looking to contact me or any other contributor to the Fruitcake, it is best to do so through the Facebook page.  Oh, and like us while you are there.

Older updates:

NOW A WEEKLY BLOG!!!  I have committed to bringing you the music I always have in a weekly fashion instead of an annual fashion.  I hope you enjoy the weekly (sometimes more, occasionally less) musical treats.  Each post will have a full track playable through your browser.  Please support my actions by clicking through on any of the stuff you like if you decide you want it on your iPod or other player.  Also, feel free to comment away on the tracks!

Older information below:

The annual Musical Fruitcake compilation was originally created by me, Joseph Lacko, as a Christmas gift for my friends and family during my broke college years, but soon expanded to become a Christmas gift for my friends and family during my broke “post” college years.

The series ran without interuption from 1995 – 2008.  In 2009, I just couldn’t muster the energy (or music) to put another one together and thought that the project was dead.  That was until early in 2010 when two friends (David Leary and Bill Ryan) asked if they could put one together.  This request sparked a sort of excitement in me and I decided to work with them to take the MF to the next level.

We are deep in it now and I think that it is going to be a great compilation (and huge).  Get in touch with one of us if you want to be on the mailing list to receive one.

Another aspect of the process for me this year was to create an archive of all of the past fruitcakes.  That is what you are looking at now.  Use the “Years” drop down list to the right to review the specific songs from certian years, or select a band from the “Band Cloud” to see what songs they have had on the different fruitcakes. And of course ALWAYS feel free to send me musical suggestions. (Full MP3’s are preferred ;-})

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a work in progress and is currently very bare bones.  A description of each song will oneday be in each post along with a sample and some cover art.

JUST ADDED:  Cool stacked Musical Fruicake title on each page & Band drop down menu at the bottom of the Band Cloud where each and every band that has ever been on a Musical Fruitcake can be found!!! 
Thanks Album Creative!!