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I can remember fast forwarding over this track back in the 80’s and 90’s as I listened to the two or three tracks I really enjoyed and then the other day on Spotify, I let this one play and it blew me away.  So haunting with goth elements that I had no idea Romeo Void […]

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Stumbled onto Future Islands in 2010 and thought their music needed a little bit of polishing and they apparently read my mind.  The same electro-punk beats with ripe bass, 80’s keyboards and new-ro vocals but cleaned up and ready to go out on the town.  Past midnight, I might add.  This whole album is undeniably well put together and […]

Categories: MF Blog 2011 | Comments Off on Benny Benassi Presents The Biz – Satisfaction
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Here is another track that I have been wanting to put up since I started this weekly blog.  Perfect electro, if you asked me.  A simplistic melody (but never boring) used in a variety of tone ranges with both female and male computer voices discussing their desire to be pushed to satisfaction??? Get out of here…and onto […]

Categories: MF Blog 2011 | Comments Off on Caribou – Odessa
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As we head toward December and the 25 days of music that will be posted daily, I am running thin on music for each week.  Thank the good lord above, below and in the DJ booth that this treat got dumped into my lap over the weekend.  I love the quirkiness of the whole thing […]

Categories: MF Blog 2011 | Comments Off on The Cure – Like Cockatoos
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Been digging back through old catalogues of my favorite artists from the past and while some fail to move me in the slightest bit, The Cure still blows my mind to this very day.  This song is a great example of why.  The carefully placed introducing of each of the elements of this song and […]

Categories: MF Blog 2011 | Comments Off on Nicky Romero – Camorra
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Been looking for a new dance track ever since the end of Summer, but have not found one that feels completely fresh until this track. I really like the “poppiness” of this track’s rhythmic structure.  Interesting drums, fun synths and an ultimately undeniable head bobbing environment.  Let it build up and get you thinking back […]

Categories: MF Blog 2011 | Comments Off on Holy Fuck – Lovely Allen
Holy Fuck - LP

Two apologies.  One for missing last week (was on vacay) and two for not using asterixis (?) in the bad word up there.  I guess I just feel that I want to preserve the true message that the band wants people to have when they learn of the name they have given to themselves.  Plus, […]

Categories: MF Blog 2011 | Comments Off on Sesame Street – The Count Censored

I was unsure of what song to post this week as I have not been doing my usual scouring of resources for new music, and then this was dumped in my lap this morning.  Sheer brilliance, if you ask me! I realize I may be late to the party on this one, but even if you […]

Categories: MF Blog 2011 | Comments Off on Here We Go Magic – Collector
Here We Go Magic - Pigeons

I know that Here We Go Magic has a brand spanking new album and I tried to pick one of those songs to post here, but this track from their 2010 release is just toooooo good to not post first.  I love the high energy pace of the rhythm and the kick-in of the full […]

Categories: MF Blog 2011 | Comments Off on Zoo Brazil – Locus (feat. Rasmus Kellerman)
Zoo Brazil - Please Don't Panic

This is another dance track I have been digging all summer long.  Not as complex as the others I have posted here over the past few months, but a goodie all the same.  While it has a little more monotony, it makes up for it in soul.  Let it build up for you and soon you will […]