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33 Million views in just over 10 days.  Unreal. Love this track for its jovial nature mixed with decent dance-ability.  It sticks in your mind and you will find yourself trying to remember what comes before the frog the morning after you hear it for the first time. “What the fox say?!” Get more Ylvis […]

Categories: MF Blog 2013 | Comments Off on Drumsound & Baseline Smith – Through The Night

Blown completely away by this album.  Haven’t been taken by an entire album like this since Future Islands’ “On The Water” in late 2011.  This album takes the drum & bass style into almost every genre it will fit in…and it does it with complete success.  The track I have selected is a perfect balance […]

Categories: MF Blog 2013 | Comments Off on OMD – Night Cafe & The Future Will Be Silent
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Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark have just released their second effort since the core four members reunited to do recording.  This album covers a broad spectrum of their old material that I have long loved, but brings it nicely into today’s musical environment.  The two tracks posted here are a great look into this new […]

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Haven’t given Mates of State much time as of late and it appears I missed some good stuff as a result.  This track opens up their last studio album released in 2011.  It keeps their creative song structuring and overall fun energy, but with tons of layering and clear musical growth.  Makes me hope that […]

Categories: MF Blog 2013 | Comments Off on Phoenix – Chloroform
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I’ve been digging Phoenix in my music mixes on Spotify ever since I first heard 1901 in that Cadillac ad way back when.  I’ve been trying to get them a post out here and when I saw they had a new album out this year I dug in.  While overall it is not a terribly fresh […]

Categories: MF Blog 2013 | Comments Off on Love and Rockets – Love Me

I have recently loaded all of my favorite Love and Rockets on my iPod and all of it stays just as fresh to me as it did back in the…well the 80’s….back when I was an infant. <grimace > I am choosing this track out of MANY that I could to bring to you because I think […]

Categories: MF Blog 2013 | Comments Off on Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got

A refreshing look at dubstep for those of you who can’t get into it AND those of you who have.  Feed Me has a great catalog of classic dubstep tracks and Crystal Fighters are a youthful sort of spin on Kings of Convenience with much more EDM saturation.  Together they did this track which is simply one […]

Categories: MF Blog 2013 | Comments Off on Metronomy – She Wants
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I feel like I am stuck in a rut of these sorta 80’s throwback outfits, but I just love what I am finding tooooooo much.  This track from Metronomy has ALL the things I like: catchy bass riff….that’s it.  It has more, but I am a sucker for a catchy bass riff and this one […]

Categories: MF Blog 2013 | Comments Off on The Golden Filter – Look Me In The Eye
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Digging through my old emails I found a “note to self” that literally said “check out Voluspa”…that’s it.  Thanks Joe. After a few days of searching for what I was eluding to on the web, I finally found what I meant.  This track is one of many enjoyable electronic jams by The Golden Filter from […]

Categories: MF Blog 2013 | Comments Off on Walrus – Lastly & Iro No Aru Basho E

Just had this band thrown into my lap this week by my good buddy Jason.  They fit right into my life like an old friend I never knew I had.  The heaviness and the lightness of their sound is well represented in the two tracks here. Lastly is an airy track from their fourth album […]