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Get More New Order!!

This is a linear edit of one of my favorite tracks of all time.  In fact, it is the remix “Kiss of Death” from Disk 2 of the Substance release by New Order, a sort of dub version of Perfect Kiss which I also borrow from to make this track.  Probably the most fun I […]

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n.Lannon - Chemical Friends

Nyles Lannon has had a brilliant career in music.  Having been involved in such projects as Technicolor and Film School, he has proved his prowess as an independent musician and with Chemical Friends, his first solo album, he proves it as a songwriter.  Take a listen to this song and you will hear it speak of […]

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Get more Xiu Xiu!!

My wife’s favorite vocal of all Musical Fruitcake offerings!  This quirky track by Xiu Xiu is actually one of the most melodic off of their Fabulous Muscles album.  I love the pungent intent of the lyrics spread over the circusy environment of the strings, clicks, electronic bubbles and gentle guitar.  At :48, they come together […]