Musical Fruitcake
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2008 Muiscal Fruitcake Front Cover

The 2008 Musical Fruitcake was intended to be my final production of the long running series.  For a few years I had been toying with the idea of putting together a “deep” track compilation from the 80’s and decided that this was the year to make it happen.  Seeing as the majority of my 1980’s deep music exploration had […]

Wall of Voodoo - Ring of Fire

A great cover of the Johnny Cash classic. Click the image below to get more Wall of Voodoo through Amazon!


Excelent deep dance track from The Cure.  I always loved the story being told in the song as well…that Robert Smith sure was a wild youth!  I first heard it on the cassette tape version of Staring At The Sea and then found a copy of Quadpus on vinyl where it was first released.  I can […]

Get More Simple Minds!

This is an ethereal, slowed down version of the track from New Gold Dream.  I have actually grown to prefer this version over the years. Click the image below to get more Simple minds through Amazon!

Dead Or Alive - Youthquake

I remember being a fan of the album that this track is from (Youthquake) back in High School.  While the rest of the tracks on the album have become dated to me, this track is still an outstanding example of brilliant electro origins. Click the image below to get more Dead Or Alive through Amazon!     […]

Get More Soft Cell!

Soft Cell was not something I really dug into until the late 80’s (Holla back Scott!) and this track in particular may not have been fully realized by me as genious until the mid 90’s.  Just thinking of it now makes me want to jump up and dance.  Get Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret if you don’t […]

Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden

Not many people know that I started the 80’s by banging my head.  That’s right, feathered mullet hair with parachute pants and a Goody brush in my back pocket.  This is still one of my favorite heavy metal songs of all time and you know what?…kinda sounds like a beefed up Franz Ferdinand.  Oh, I […]

The English Beat - Special Beat Service

This song follows Iron Maiden in one of my favorite transitions between two songs on any Musical Fruitcake (The others being Kaito to Nick Cave on MF04 and White Stripes to Louie Armstrong on MF03).  As for the song, there is no prettier track by The English Beat.  Really romantic and full of passion. Click […]

Trans X - Living On Video

Super high energy electro.  Still gets me bouncing to it when I am driving around.  You may recognize these guys from their one hit “Living On Video”. Click the image below to get more Trans X through Amazon!                        

Tones On Tail - Everything

I love you Daniel Ash!!!  Click the image below to get more Tone On Tail through Amazon!