Musical Fruitcake
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2008 Muiscal Fruitcake Front Cover

The 2008 Musical Fruitcake was intended to be my final production of the long running series.  For a few years I had been toying with the idea of putting together a “deep” track compilation from the 80’s and decided that this was the year to make it happen.  Seeing as the majority of my 1980’s deep music exploration had […]

Patrick Cowley - Megatron Man

Patrick Cowley was a prolific trained synthesizer musician—rare for the time–who took his knowledge to the emerging digital sound of the early 80’s.  He died of AIDS in 1982 after having created some of the most interesting sounds of the time that remain relevant today. Click the image below to get more Patrick Cowley through […]

Linda di Franco - TV Scene

Linda di Franco was an established film star in Italy in the 80s.  Her music career was elevated by her work with producer, Don Was, evident in this major Balearic classic that seeks to thrill…chill. Click the image below to get more Linda di Franco through Amazon!

Chris & Cosey - Exotika

My industrial goth phase in the late 90s exposed me to many great artists like Chris & Cosey.  This 1986 release, believe it or not, was a dance floor tune in some of the more open minded NYC clubs of the time.  I was turned on to it while sitting on a couch at a […]

Joe himself is a big fan of all things emanating from Bauhaus including Tones on Tail.  Lions is another Balearic bomb, meaning songs that were driven by Ibiza DJs, notably Alfredo, who were playing music, not produced for the dance floor, at the biggest dance parties on the planet. Click the image below to get […]

Klaus Schulze - Dig It

I think of Tony Watson, my h-track Radio partner, when I hear this song.  Klause Shulze is a German composer who was involved with the terrific Tangerine Dream. Click the image below to get more Klaus Schulze through Amazon!

Wally Badarou - Echoes

Wally Badarou is brilliant—another synthesizer specialist—who was associated with Level 42.  However, his solo work is highly regarded.  Many times while playing this song references to the band Massive Attack have been made due the sample taken from it for one of their hits. Click the image below to get more Wally Badarou through Amazon!

The Dark Side of Disco Vol. 2 - Various Artists

h-track – I don’t know anything about Nancy Martin.  All I know is Tony Watson turned me on to this song, and it does the trick on the dance floor. jlacko – Upon researching the song for this post, I found that Nancy Martin is better known as Nancy Martinez and only was billed as […]

Propoganda - Secret Wish

A German pop group that created this pretty dreamy track.  Love the horn.  Brought to me on a mix by Balearic Mike aka Mike Smith from Manchester. Click the image below to get more Propoganda through Amazon!

Mandy - Mandy

In 1983, at the age of 13 Mandy Smith dated Bill Wyman, age 47, of the Rolling Stones. This song is about their relationship. Click the image below to get more Mandy Smith through Amazon!