Musical Fruitcake
A Weekly Music Blog!

Excited to be back in the musical saddle again with the 2010 Musical Fruitcake.  I wouldn’t be here without the encouragement of the two other contributors to this year’s compilation, Bill Ryan and Dave Leary.  Thanks guys for the inspiration and colaboration!  Highlights for me from this year include Sleep Tonight by Stars from Bill’s […]


I bought this album mid-summer after we decided to do the project.  Really great guitar work that takes me back to early New Order and Simple Minds while staying completely original and new.  I think it all comes down to music having texture and diversity in each instruments role in a song…something that has been […]


Found this one at a gas station in Las Vegas!  I love the simplicity of the lyrics and house elements and how they get me shaking my hips every time I hear it.  I think this song has the perfect length, approach of musical elements and excelent production value.  It’s where Goldfrapp should have gone.  […]


A friend facebooked (thanks Stephanie!) the video for this track one time and I fell in love with it (see it here).  One of the best covers of any song I have ever heard. Click the image below to get more Pomplamoose through Amazon!

cut copy

What?  You haven’t bought any Cut Copy albums yet?  Get yourself Bright Like Neon Love ASAP.  It’s got 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and a ton of stuff that Slipstream should have gotten into back when they were making music.  All wrapped into a future electro production style that will get you shaking your booty.  I kid you […]


So fun!  I love this song, I love this album, I love this band.  I saw them open for a band back in the mid-oughts, but don’t remember who or where…just the name “The Submarines”.  Couldn’t find them anywhere and soon they fell from my radar.  Then one day in 2008, I tagged them with […]

poni hoax

I found Poni Hoax while Pandoraing.  This songs creeps up and gets me tapping my feet every time I hear it.  Haven’t ventured into anything else by them, but that is on my list of musical to-dos. Click the image below to get more Poni Hoax through Amazon!


This is an old favorite that has almost made it onto many a Fruitcake, but always got bumped at the last minute.  Now I know why…so it could be on this one!  Great beat, crunchy guitar and a longing in the lyrics in the style that always gets to me….bitter. Click the image below to get more […]

Another one that has always been in the running to be on a Fruitcake, but never made it until now.  This is what I consider to be the perfect rock song.  Incredibly chord structure, great solo guitar layering and arrangement….but the best thing about this song is the story he tells:  Their relationship has ended […]

School of Seven Bells

This was my last addition to my playlist.  It caught my ear one morning on the radio while driving out to the “high” desert.  Sure I was hooked by the “howling” wind element of the song, but quickly identified what was really causing my melatonin levels to rise:  This song belongs on either “Heaven or Las Vegas” […]