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Categories: MF2013 | Comments Off on Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

Ask me not why, but this track feels like Christmas to me.  (I know you and I cool so you didn’t ask, but Imma tell you anyway…cause we cool) See, this track feels to me like a chart topping hit by an elf.  And that is not meant to be a dig at all…I love […]

Categories: MF2013 | Comments Off on Colder – Wrong Baby

Every once in a while, the music that Spotify suggests I might like is right.  This is one of those instances.  Colder is the most successful one man bands that I have ever heard.  He comes across as a quartet with complete conviction and I wish he would release more material.  Unfortunately, it looks like […]

Categories: MF2013 | Comments Off on Poni Hoax – There’s Nothing Left For You Here

I stumbled across Poni Hoax for the first time back in 2010 while listening to a Modern English channel on Pandora.  The hook of The Paper Bride, which appeared on MF10, dug into me and I swore I would give them a full listen to ASAP.  Well, that finally happened this Summer and when I […]

Categories: MF2013 | Comments Off on Frazier Chorus – Anarchy In The UK

What is a Fruitcake without a cover track, right?  This year’s contribution comes from Frazier Chorus who in the late 80’s covered the Sex Pistols’ Anarchy In The UK. It is a sedated version, which adds immeasurably to its allure for me.  Put it on loud and prepare to be pulled, ever so softly, into […]

Categories: MF2013 | Comments Off on Deadmau5 – My Pet Coelacanth

Deadmau5 has a special place in my heart ever since David Leary introduced me to him in 2010.  His unique brand of EDM stands on its own jet-powered platform that is constantly circling this world of ours looking for the next group of party people ready to get their ears filled with that strobe-driving, bass-pulsing, […]

Categories: MF2013 | Comments Off on Gatto Fritto – The Curse

Sounding more like an early 80’s demo tape track than a cut from a modern producer/DJ, The Curse fits right into the serotonin channels of my brain.  It is stripped down, obvious, looped and completely enchanting.  A great track for dancing in your room with your headphones on while putting off homework and dinner.  Those […]

Categories: MF2013 | Comments Off on Phantogram – Celebrating Nothing

Phantogram has been producing great electronic music for a little over five years now and have always had my ear.  With their most recent releases they have really pushed into new ground though.  Their familiar and always fun throbbing keyboard bass finds its way into all of the tracks and continues to be fresh, but […]

Categories: MF2013 | Comments Off on The Chap – Better Place

How curious do you want your music?  As curious as possible?  Do you want to push the limits of what pop can be, should be, shouldn’t be?  Do you want to ask yourself “What the fuck am I listening to?” just before you realize that you can’t stop tapping your foot to it? Well, look […]

Categories: MF2013 | Comments Off on Rodion & Khan – Let’s Motor

A haunting little grove that makes me picture a dark, pulsing dance floor that calls my name with each pumping combination of strobe light and beat.  Is it Monday?  Feels more like Friday with this track playing. Let’s Motor Click the image below to get more Rodion & Khan through Amazon!

Categories: MF2013 | Comments Off on Sunny Day Real Estate – Every Shining Time You Arrive

This year’s “band I can’t believe I have not posted before” is Sunny Day Real Estate.  I stumbled across this unique group of music makers back in college and turned to them for inspiration when I felt that I needed a new way to view what was in front of me…relationships, school projects…anything really.  And […]