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I feel like I am stuck in a rut of these sorta 80’s throwback outfits, but I just love what I am finding tooooooo much.  This track from Metronomy has ALL the things I like: catchy bass riff….that’s it.  It has more, but I am a sucker for a catchy bass riff and this one […]

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Digging through my old emails I found a “note to self” that literally said “check out Voluspa”…that’s it.  Thanks Joe. After a few days of searching for what I was eluding to on the web, I finally found what I meant.  This track is one of many enjoyable electronic jams by The Golden Filter from […]

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Just had this band thrown into my lap this week by my good buddy Jason.  They fit right into my life like an old friend I never knew I had.  The heaviness and the lightness of their sound is well represented in the two tracks here. Lastly is an airy track from their fourth album […]

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About this time last year I heard the first sample tracks from Grimes’ upcoming release “Visions”.  They intrigued me, but none caught my ear like this treat that I dug into later in the year while flitting around Spotify.  I saved it into a playlist I call “surprises” and there it sat until I revisited […]

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Okay, I know this might be asking a lot of you wonderful new Facebook followers….maybe even a lot of my decade old followers.  But bear with me here. Lately, I have been reading a lot on our solar system and with some of the new things I have learned about what we as humans have […]

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This track really shows you the depth of Skrillex’s abilities.  He is looking at all musical possibilities and exploring them without any concern for what the troves of dubstep fans say about him.  Hints of this work can be found in the break in Devil’s Den which posted here.  My basic opinion is that while […]

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On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love (yes, we are now true loves) gave to me…lasdbewjhfbauirvahbv,a (crap, it happened; see the Grand National post for explanation) Hawke is Gavin Hardkiss of the San Francisco Hardkisses; three brothers working in acid house/trance/breakbeat techno music production.  This remix by Atnarko, a Canadian/Floridian DJ, takes a nice track into […]

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On the eleventh day of Christmas, Musical Fruitcake gave to me…the most refreshing track he heard all year. Paul Banks is the lead singer of Interpol, a band I have openly panned in this forum.  With this track, and album, I am realising that he must be confined by his band mates there because this […]

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On the tenth day of Christmas, Musical Fruitcake gave to me…something to move my booty to (finally! and sorta’). I’m not sure what has caused the lack of more danceable music in this year’s selection.  I just haven’t been drawn to or impressed by much of what I have heard.  One Skrillex track really caught […]

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On the ninth day of Christmas, Musical Fruitcake gave to me…a track that’s been hiding in the back drawer for almost a decade now. (I’m losing my originality on those opening lines, aren’t I? Three more days…hope it doesn’t just become “lasdbewjhfbauirvahbv,a”) I stumbled onto Grand National while cruising through Amoeba Records in Hollywood in […]