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Get More New Order!!

New Order was a staple for me in the 80’s and 90’s.  Their music output has been played more often in my life than any other artist.  This track from their album “Brotherhood” is a break from their more commonly known stylings.  Just guitar, bass, drums here; no keyboards or electronics.  The simplicity of that […]

New Order - The Peel Sesions

One of the best tracks New Order ever did.  I just wish there was a better recording of it.  It has such great opportunities for level adjustments to strengthen its inherent power fluctuations, but I only know of this raw BBC version. Click the image below to get more New Order through Amazon!

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Get More New Order!!

This is a linear edit of one of my favorite tracks of all time.  In fact, it is the remix “Kiss of Death” from Disk 2 of the Substance release by New Order, a sort of dub version of Perfect Kiss which I also borrow from to make this track.  Probably the most fun I […]