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Get More Sigur Ros!!

An alternate version of the song from the album Von by Siguir Ros that I cannot recall how I found, with power and grittiness like very little else they have ever done.  It is hands down the best track they have ever done in my opinion.  Put on the headphones, turn up the volume and let […]

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I bought this album the night before a day on the road and was in Temecula in Winter when I first played it…felt so good, I had to drive past my exit.

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Get More Sigur Ros!

My first earfull of Sigur Ros came in early 2000 while working at H Station, a web design business in Santa Monica.  Jason Mascow and I would listen to KXLU while doing our designing and when this track would come on we would crank it up and do our best to mimic the fake language […]