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Get More Skrillex!!

This track really shows you the depth of Skrillex’s abilities.  He is looking at all musical possibilities and exploring them without any concern for what the troves of dubstep fans say about him.  Hints of this work can be found in the break in Devil’s Den which posted here.  My basic opinion is that while […]

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Get More Skrillex!!

Holy cow, where have I been??!!  Don’t ask.  Let’s just stick to the music.  This post brings together two of my favorite musical artists as of late.  I have always thought these two guys should do something together and sure enough when they did it kills it.  This track blends their individual styles perfectly while […]

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Get More Skrillex!

This is a follow up post to yesterday’s Wolfgang Gartner.  Feel free to compare and contrast.  While Wolfgang is keeping things danceable, Skrillex is making art of the Rude Boy spin I mentioned in that post.  At first, you might say “I can dance to this, Joe.”  Well, first of all don’t call me Joe…my […]