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Get more of The Cure!!

Been digging back through old catalogues of my favorite artists from the past and while some fail to move me in the slightest bit, The Cure still blows my mind to this very day.  This song is a great example of why.  The carefully placed introducing of each of the elements of this song and […]

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Get More Concrete Blonde!

I woke up early all fired up about this post, but lost my gumption as I listened to the tracks.  At one point or another I really enjoyed each of these songs, but now one does nothing for me and the other two only hold the memory of what I liked about them.  That was […]

The Cure was one of the bands that influenced me most growing up. So much so that I had hair like Robert Smith for several years. Their first album is a gem, containing the work of a very young band struggling to find themselves in a world of early English punk artist and contained their first hit: “10:15 On a Saturday Night”, however the guitar nut in me always loved “Object” and it’s tight little chords that illustrate the great guitarist and song writer that was, and is, Robert Smith.


Excelent deep dance track from The Cure.  I always loved the story being told in the song as well…that Robert Smith sure was a wild youth!  I first heard it on the cassette tape version of Staring At The Sea and then found a copy of Quadpus on vinyl where it was first released.  I can […]